E stablished since February 2015. Proudly handcrafted in Malaysia. We brew our ejuice using USP grade ingredients that has been approved for poring and vaping usage.Skylab Flavor signature vapor liquid is handcrafted in Kuala Lumpur from the finest quality, locally-sourced ingredients using a proprietary blending process to create complex, multi-layered flavors. The uniqueness of our ejuice is the multi-taste on inhale and exhale.

The Blend

Good ejuice is for good vapers. We only brew unique taste of ejuice for vapers. Skylab’s flavors are comprised of both artificial and often natural base ingredients. We offer each flavor in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg(upon request) nicotine strengths. Skylab Flavor uses only ingredients deemed as food-grade by the USP and in addition to 99.9 percent pure, certified pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Each flavor must be a new, exciting experience for every user, and given the amount of time that goes into every blend, it’s a must. The taste of Skylab’s flavor never tiring the tongue.


The Process

Everything is made by hand in clean surrounding. Every bottle comes with different serial number for each batch. Our blends and manufacturing facility have been a labor of love, not just anejuice manufacturer.


Skylab Flavor is the first in Malaysia to bring traceability to vapor liquid with different QR-code, serial number, plus dates on each bottle. You will see hologram sticker on each bottle to identify the authentication of our ejuice. Each QR-code is traceable using QR-code scanner and lead to security website to confirm the authenticity. Always be careful if you didn’t find any hologram sticker on the packaging.


Skylab’s flavors are sealed glass and approved plastic bottles. Each bottle isprotected by secondary packaging toprevent UV exposure that may degrade the ejuice.Child proof cap is being used to prevent the bottle easily opened or consumed by minors, in case.